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Just Ask!
Get tech support to your specific question by asking a question.
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Community Product Discussions
Join the Rocketfish Community where you will find product help and troubleshooting tips. You can also sign up for product notifications and participate in discussions.
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Get official Rocketfish solutions to your most asked questions.

Other Support

Laptop Power Adapter Tip Wizard Icon
Laptop Power Adapter Tip Wizard
Identify the correct tip for your laptop when using the Insignia Travel Laptop AC Power Adapter. Order additional tips if it was lost or not included in the Power Adapter package.
Geek Squad® Protection Icon
Geek Squad® Protection
Most Rocketfish products are also eligible for our Geek Squad Protection, which is offered exclusively at Best Buy.
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Parts and Accessories
Purchase replacement parts and accessories on our partner site using the product's model number.

Additional Information


If you purchased your Rocketfish product as new from one of the authorized retailers below, it comes with one of our standard warranties. First, use the site search capability at the top of the page to find your specific model, then navigate to the Support tab of the Product Detail page to review the warranty specific to your product.

Note: Most refurbished products (even if sold through an authorized retailer) are sold on an "As Is" basis without any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied.

Authorized Retailers

If you purchased your product outside the US and Canada or at a retailer not listed above, contact the organization where you purchased the product for warranty information.

Looking to register your product?

There is no requirement to register your product with Rocketfish. For your convenience, if you purchased your product from Best Buy in the United States with a credit card, check or provided a Best Buy Reward Zone membership number, then we have a record of your purchase and nothing additional is required. However, we always encourage customers to keep a copy of their purchase receipt.

If you purchased your product in any other way or received your product as a gift, retain your purchase or gift receipt in a safe place. You will be asked to present your receipt/proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service.