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Rocketfish - eReader Clip-On LED Light

Model: RF-CLED01
When you need to shed a little light on your eReader in a dark situation, there's a simple way to discreetly get the visibility you need. Whether you're traveling in a plane, riding in a car at night or simply sharing a space with a slumbering companion, you can still get personal light for your reading ventures with the eReader Clip-On LED Light. Designed specifically to attach to the body of digital book readers, this powerful little light is a sleek solution for dark times.Sturdily built, boasting a modern silver finish and easily adjustable with a bending black neck, the Clip-On LED Light is a convenient way to illuminate your eReader. A powerful LED bulb delivers up to 100,000 hours of light and the two included lithium batteries provide 40mAh of power, so you'll never be left in the dark. With the versatile ability to also attach to maps, books and more, this LED Light is sure to brighten any reading experience.
Brand CompatibilityNook
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Which tip should I use?

Identify the correct tip for your laptop when using the Rocketfish Travel Laptop AC Power Adapter. Order additional tips if it was lost or not included in the Power Adapter package.

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